Will Rotary look after me? 
What if I have problems during my exchange?

After reading about the structure of an exchange you will see that one of the reassuring aspects of an exchange is the multiple contact points that exist for the support of exchange students. Another reassuring feature is the Rotary International certification process that is required for Rotary Districts and clubs that participate in the programme.

The design of the Rotary Exchange programme is such that if you have problems you should have the resources to help you solve them, starting with a Rotary Club right in the community in which you are living. You will have a Rotarian as your Counsellor and their role is to help you get settled in and be your first contact for any day-to-day issues.

Rotary International and Rotarians in our Auckland Rotary district take very seriously our responsibility for the safety and security of all Rotary exchange students, both inbound and outbound and we are always available if back-up support or advice is required.