How is a Rotary Exchange organised?

Rotary exchange students and parents alike tell us that the structure and organisation of a Rotary exchange is one of its many strong points and a real plus.

The exchange structure in New Zealand will be mirrored by the same structure in the hosting country

Exchanges are undertaken between a District 9920 New Zealand Rotary Club and a hosting (Overseas) Rotary Club. The Student is placed in the care of the hosting Rotary club that will appoint a Counsellor for their student and will also organise the host families (Host families may not always be Rotarians).

In addition to the Club support structure each country will also have a Youth Exchange Committee that oversees the operation of the exchange Programme in their Rotary area or district and this provides another contact or support point for students

RIYE Organ


Each Rotary Area or District is certified by Rotary International to ensure consistency of standards and processes in conducting the Rotary Exchange Programme. The Programme provides a series of support structures for each student.

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