How does Rotary help me prepare for my exchange?

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 Going on exchange is easy. Your first reaction might be that you are ready for the challenge and the wonderful experience of an exchange, or equally you might feel that you want to go on exchange, but you understandably feel that it’s a big step to take.

Don’t worry. Rotary will introduce you to student who felt the same way you did and have been away on exchange and had the most amazing experiences. They will share their advice for a successful exchange and Rotary will also make sure that you are fully briefed and prepared.

Right from the start Rotary wants to make sure you have a balanced and realistic understanding of the exchange experience. All returned students describe an exchange as the “Best year of my life so far”, “Life-changing”, “Awesome” but it is not without its challenges and downtimes too.

Rotary wants to make sure you are equipped with the confidence and skills for the challenges and rewards of an exchange

  •  Meet other exchange students and hear about their experiences first hand and receive their tips and advice

  •  Discussion groups and presentations at the various pre departure meetings will give you practical information on the goals of an exchange, what to expect, and how to make the most of this opportunity

  •  You will be given an exchange handbook to take with you with lots of information on how to prepare for your exchange, what to pack, and how to make the most of your exchange

Our returned students rate their pre departure preparation highly telling us that they felt very well prepared before they departed.

Survival Kit


"The Exchange Student Survival  Kit" by Bettina Hansel is a very good resource that explains many aspects of an exchange. It can be purchased from the Amazon website. A very useful book if you have been selected for a Rotary Exchange and you or your parents want to get a better understanding of what to expect.