An exchange is a year like no other

I wrote in my application what I hoped this year would do for me. "I hope I'll gain wisdom and cultural understanding. That this experience will help me find my way in life and that I'll gain experience about life itself." ..Not only did I get what I wished for- I got it times 10!. I feel like a new person. I feel the world is lying at my feet waiting for me to embrace it

 An exchange provides a unique opportunity to live with several host families, attend school, to become immersed in a culture for twelve months, and have a year packed with new experiences

  • Host families: You will have several host families that will look after you and  provide different perspectives of the local culture and different experiences during the year

  • Rotary club involvement : You will be hosted by a Rotary club and will have some involvement with that club including telling them about yourself and New Zealand

  • School: You will attend school (compulsory), make friends with local students and experience a different education system.

  • Fellow exchange students: In addition to the people and culture of your host country you will also meet fellow Rotary exchange students from around the world. You will  gain an insight into their culture and make close life-long friends

  • Rotary activities and trips: You will be involved in Rotary activities such as a two - three week  Euro tour with other exchange students (Non European countries will offer similar country tour trips). Other activities, which vary by country, can include other Rotary trips and RYE meetings or "get-togethers"

  • New experiences and fun: You will have a year of new experiences and a lot of fun. You will do and see things that will set you apart from most people your age.

 Read about our exchange student experiences in their blogs on the “Meet Our Students” page and read their letters about their exchange and why you should apply.

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