What happens after I send in my application?

If you apply for an exchange you will attend a selection weekend where you will find out all about the programme and have the chance to meet students from overseas, who are in NZ on exchange, as well as NZ students who have completed an exchange. We believe it important that students and parents have the opportunity to find out exactly what an exchange is like and what to expect.

Of course we will want to find out more about you so we can complete the selection process. This weekend will also include an information session for parents to ask questions and provide the chance for them to meet visiting and returned exchange students.

Successful applicants will attend further briefings and an orientation weekend involving overseas and returned students as Rotary ensures that all selected students are well prepared for their exchange. You will learn skills that will stay with you for life.

We also hold get together’s for parents while students are away on exchange.

Overview of the Application Process:

Flowchart RIYE