Do you live in Rotary District 9920?

Applications for exchange students will be received from October and will close on 30 April. Students depart in the following January for a 12 month exchange. So don’t miss out – apply now.

New Zealand is divided into 6 Rotary Districts and you apply to the District within which you live. To apply via this website, applicants must live within Rotary District 9920 which covers eastern Auckland from south of the harbour bridge down to, and including Tuakau as detailed in the following map.

D9920 Map Blue2 
If you do NOT live in the darker blue area of the map above and therefore live elsewhere in New Zealand you can identify which Rotary District you must apply to from the map below and then select the link to that district from the links at the bottom of this page.

NZ Rotary Districts S


Choose the link to your Rotary District:

District 9910 : District 9930 : District 9940 : District 9970 : District 9980 :