What will I get Out of a Rotary Exchange?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take (Wayne Gretzky)

WEB-Eiffel-Stack.pngA Rotary exchange is probably the most exciting, rewarding and life changing experience that you could embark on – and with the support of Rotary you will feel up to the challenge because we help you prepare so it’s not as big a step as you might first think.

So seize the chance to travel overseas to an exciting new country, the chance to go to school and make friends and probably learn a new language, the chance to meet fellow exchange students from around the world. Enjoy the chance to travel around Europe or your host country and to live with several host families that will welcome you and share their life with you. Being a Rotary exchange student could truly change your life.

You will meet people from other lands and experience their cultures and this plants the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.

You will grow and develop increased confidence and independence with the ability to take advantage of the wider future opportunities that an exchange will open for you. Step beyond your day to day life in New Zealand. All our students say that they can’t believe a year exchange could pass so quickly, that each day is exciting and different, that they see so many things and make great friends. Being away from their New Zealand friends, their sports teams, or their school involvement were hardly missed – rather than missing a year in their life they cram a life into a year and return personally richer from the experience, ready to take on new challenges with a new found confidence and energy.

Your confidence and leadership potential will be developed giving you the opportunity to stand out and providing great attributes for the future.

An exchange gives life experiences that would otherwise take years to accumulate.

An exchange and university are complementary and not mutually exclusive. The independence and inter- personal communication skills learnt on exchange stand students in good stead for their future. 

I have found that what I gained from my exchange has actually developed and improved more over the last few years. So in a way, the things you get from an exchange stick with you and continue to be of use well beyond the exchange year - I guess they will stick with me for life.

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Studying abroad is the best experience high school students can have to enhance their lives and expand their horizons before university. Our kids have developed a comprehensive and compassionate world view, fluency in at least one foreign language, a strong sense of their passions and talents, opportunities for engaging work anywhere they choose to go [Maya Frost - Exchange student parent, Author of The New Global Student]

  The RYE Experience

Personal growth & development, independence, & self confidence, worldwide friendships, Learning a language, fun & new experiences, gaining a fresh understanding of yourself & others. It really is a  life changing experience   

 Is there any future advantage from being a Rotary Exchange Student?

Yes! Past history has indicated that having the Rotary Exchange Year on your tertiary application (to university etc.) carries weight and complements your NCEA (or similar) results. Institutions are looking for students that are going to successfully complete their studies and graduate. By completing a full year exchange in another culture you are showing that you have the "right stuff". Future employers will take similar views of your exchange experience, not to mention the benefits of becoming bi-lingual and bi-cultural!

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