The Rotary Youth Exchange programme is administered by Rotary. What is Rotary?

Rotary clubs and Rotarians share a dedication to the ideal of “Service above self”.

Founded in Chicago in 1905, Rotary is a volunteer organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian service, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. There are approximately 1.2 million Rotary club members belonging to 34,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas and who carry out projects to address today’s challenges, including illiteracy, disease, hunger, poverty, lack of clean water, and environmental concerns. The Rotary Foundation has awarded more than US$2.1 billion in grants, which are administered at the local level by Rotary clubs.

Rotary clubs also undertake many projects and programmes at a local level to enhance and benefit the immediate community. Rotary clubs meet weekly with club members being people like you and me who live in the local community.

A Rotary District is a geographical area for which activities are co-ordinated by a District Governor and support District Committee. Many Rotary Programmes are coordinated with clubs by district committees of which RYE (Rotary Youth Exchange) is an example. Being a volunteer and non-profit service organisation Rotary does not add any on costs to the travel and insurance costs that it arranges for an exchange.

Each Rotary district in turn reports to Rotary which is based in Chicago USA

In addition to the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) programme Rotary has many other Programmes for youth such as RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), RYPEN (Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment), MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly), RANZSE (Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange) a short term matched exchange with Australia,  and RSE (Road Safety Education). More information about these programmes can be found at the Rotary New Zealand website below.

Rotary clubs are open to people of all cultures and ethnicities and are not affiliated with any political or religious organizations. You may have heard of Rotary in your local community - there will be a Rotary club near you.